Long Walk Around the Neighborhood

Yesterday, we decided to have lunch at a Thai restaurant, Yummy Thai, that a friend recommended. It was right outside the Sookmyung Women’s University station, so we decided to walk there from our house. We headed up past Noksapyeong Station, followed the northern edge of South Post, then turned right up the western edge of Main Post. About 35 minutes later, we arrived at Yummy Thai, and it was definitely worth the walk! The food was delicious. I ordered pad see ew, my go-to dish when trying a new Thai restaurant, and it was served with fish sauce, palm sugar, crushed dried chili powder, and a vinegar with little red pepper slices floating in it so that I could season the dish exactly to my own liking.


After lunch, we decided to head home in the opposite direction to make a large circle around the base. We definitely got a little lost at one point, but we managed to wind our way up a big hill, then back down into Haebangchon, at which point we knew the way home. Some sights along the way:

IMG_0926 IMG_0927 IMG_0928 IMG_0929

We also stumbled upon a tiny coffee shop in Haebangchon that is our new favorite – the best coffee we’ve had yet in Seoul. They had a giant roaster in their store that took up an entire room.



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