Jeju Day Three, Part 2

Next up, the Chocolate Museum. This was weird and random but also interesting. I think I would have gotten more out of it if I didn’t already know a lot about the history of chocolate as well as having visited a cacao plantation when I was in Grenada. The museum makes its own chocolates on-site, and the sample they gave us was some of the best I’ve ever had, anywhere. We decided to each part with some of our fun money to buy some chocolates, which were definitely on the pricy side! Having had a couple out of the box already, I can assure you that they were worth it.

Museum entrance
Map showing cacao plantations all over the world
Vintage chocolate tins
Hard at work making the chocolates
Chocolate waterfall

img_5575 img_5645

We finally found a lunch place near Sanbangsan Mountain, where we ordered mango juice and a bacon pizza. We were the only customers, but the staff was friendly and the food tasty.

fullsizerender-2 img_5538 img_5539

Afterwards, we walked near Yongmeori beach, but couldn’t go around the cliff walk because the pathways were underwater.

img_5548 img_5550

Our last museum was the Museum of Sex and Health, and I think it would have been interesting if any of the captions were in English on the main exhibit floor! The museum is making an effort to be about education and history,  not just salacious art, but we missed out on a lot not being able to read Hangul.

img_5565 img_5567

After a bit of time to regroup at the hotel, we ate a light dinner of salads at the nearby Soul Kitchen (739-8765).


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