Jeju Day Three, Part 1

Hey look, another rainy, overcast day in Jeju! That’s okay, today was museum day. Our first (and best) stop was the Nexon Computer Museum in Jeju City. This museum was awesome, filled with old computers and the history of computing. They did an outstanding job putting it together. The reason I had even heard about the museum in the first place was an article on the most Instagram-able desserts in Korea, and the computer museum cafe serves up a waffle in the shape of a keyboard. Sadly, we weren’t remotely hungry at that point, so I settled for a picture of the waffle on a menu.

Entrance to the museum
Original Apple I
Wozniak signed this model when he visited the museum
Old Atari cartridges – the memories!

img_5485 img_5487 img_5499

We were going to have lunch at an udon place by Hyeopjae Beach, Soo Udong (796-5830), but the wait was almost three hours, so we took a pass. Next time! Instead, we snapped a few pics of the beautiful beach, then got back in the car as it started raining again. We passed the Wollyeongri Cactus Grove, which was cool looking, but we weren’t inclined to get out in the rain for photos.

img_5504 img_5511


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