Itaewon & Myeongdong

First, a few housekeeping items:

  1. My book blog will be pathetically small for October, just an early warning! I’ve only read one book and it’s already the 7th. Slacker!
  2. We’re moving into our new house tomorrow. I guess our loaner furniture was being moved in today already. Luckily, internet hook-up is taking place 2 hours after we get in our new home!
  3. Even though we won’t have our household goods until the 15th or later, I’m really excited to get out of the hotel and into our house. We’ve had almost nonstop hotel stays since August 6th and it will be nice to settle in somewhere and not feel so transient.

Yesterday afternoon, Domingos got back a little earlier, so we headed out to Itaewon, an area outside the base known for more diverse restaurants and a popular hang-out for ex-pats and other foreigners. It was fun just to wander around and see all the different shops and restaurants.


I know it’s juvenile of me, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this sign outside a restaurant. Crap fried rice, anyone?


Hmmm, reminds me of India a little:


For dinner, we found a place that had some great craft beers and we shared a Gorgonzola pizza, of all things! It was pretty good.


I’m excited that we’ll be living right near the gate closest to Itaewon.

We had lunch on post today in the little Embassy Association shops building – the Korea Palace puts on a decent lunch buffet so that you can try a little bit of a lot of different foods:


Afterwards, we ventured back to Myeongdong station, this time to visit the plethora of skin care shops.


I had some items I wanted to try, and I picked up a few other impulse items, and ended up with this start to my collection:


I’d like to add that one of those items is for my husband, so it’s not all mine!

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