Insanity Wrap-up

I did it! Today was my last day of the Insanity program, a final fit test to track my progress from Day One. I did every workout in the program, some with more energy and enthusiasm than others, and I feel great. I really enjoyed the workouts, suffered no injuries, and received great feedback from my massage therapist confirming that I wasn’t totally messing up my body doing this.

Shaun T was my favorite of any DVD instructors I’ve ever worked out with. I never got tired of the workouts, and I can’t wait to start my second round in a week. For those of you unfamiliar with the Insanity program, it’s 2 months of high intensity interval training, no equipment required. You start with 4 weeks of workouts that are around 40 minutes in length, then you have a week of recovery where you do the same “Core Cardio and Balance” DVD every day, then you have 4 weeks of harder workouts that are 50-65 minutes long. It was definitely extremely challenging for me. Without further ado, here are my results:

4 pounds lost (I think it would have been much more if I had been eating a little better, something I’ll try to do on the next round)
3 inches lost off my bust
2 inches lost off my waist
1.75 inches lost off my hips

The Fit Test consists of the following eight exercises. You do as many as you can in one minute for each one. I really felt like I went all out on every single test (5 total throughout the series), and my results really impressed me!

1. Switch Kicks – Kick one leg high in the air in front of you, then the other, as fast as you can. 2 kicks = one rep.
Day 1: 49
Day 63: 78

2. Power Jacks – A jumping jack combined with a squat
Day 1: 36
Day 63: 68

3. Power Knees – Stand on one slightly-bent leg and lean to one side, then bring the opposite knee up towards your core, bringing your hands down from above your head to meet your knee
Day 1: 81
Day 63: 136

4. Power Jumps – From a squat, jump high into the air and bring your legs up into the squat position in mid-air
Day 1: 22
Day 63: 50

5. Globe Jumps – From a squat, jump right, squat, jump back, squat, jump left, squat, jump forward, squat, etc. You count one full rotation of 4 jumps as 1 in this exercise.
Day 1: 7
Day 63: 11

6. Suicide Jumps – Start from a standing position, then bend down and put your hands and arms in plank position, jump your legs back straight into a plank, then jump your feet back in, and jump up with your arms straight up in the air, repeat until you cry or throw up
Day 1: 9
Day 63: 17

7. Push-up Jacks – A push-up, but when you go down, jump your feet outwards as if you’re doing a jumping jack, then jump back in when you return up to the starting position
Day 1: 9
Day 63: 30

8. Low Plank Oblique – Start in a low plank position (forearms on the floor), then move one bent leg at a time to your shoulder
Day 1: 36
Day 63: 80

I’m so happy I got through the whole nine weeks, and I’m really excited to do better next time around when I start up again on March 24th.

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  1. This makes me feel exhausted just reading it – but I’m kind of inspired to give it a go! The course looks quite expensive, though, from what I looked up online.

    1. It was pretty exhausting, but it was second only to basic training in how accomplished it made me feel! I think I got it for around $60 on eBay – still expensive, but not as bad as brand new.

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