This summer is really flying by.  I feel like I’ve had so much going on, so this will be a quick catch-up post.  I intend to do a little write-up with photos later this month about our Cape Cod trip at the end of May.  

We had a wonderful time with our families.  I had a really great week in northern Virginia attending the Suzuki Book One training with Ronda Cole.  I learned so much and really feel inspired about my teaching.  It will be interesting to do Book Two in Pittsburgh at the end of this month to get perspective from another teacher.  I’m still not sure I will try to build a Suzuki studio; not because I don’t believe in the system, but because it’s not a great fit if I still want to perform professionally.  But I feel confident that I can now comfortably teach beginners, and I will incorporate many of the ideas into my own teaching.  I now have six students in my studio, so I’m going to cut back on my Hilton Head concerts next year.  I’m still going to do the complete Savannah season, but those Monday night Hilton Head concerts wreak havoc with my teaching schedule.

Domingos and I decided to go to Vegas in August for a few days.  Neither of us have ever been, and it should be a fun escape.  We also decided to bail on the pony swim next week – it would have required a horrendously early wake-up time, and a lot of money for what amounts to about 5 minutes of ponies in the water.  It just sounded less appealing as the date approached.

I had a great visit with my mom last week – another friend of ours came over from Richmond for 2 nights and we all went to a water park together last Thursday.  It was lots of fun, especially floating in the lazy river.

I’ve been making homemade granola this summer, and it’s so much tastier than store-bought!  I’ll leave you with a picture of my granola:


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