Have Viola, Will Travel

I’m getting ready for another trip down south for gigs.  I’ll leave tomorrow after I teach, drive halfway, and then drive the other four hours Wednesday morning to arrive well in time for my 2:00 rehearsal in Savannah.  Thursday will bring a double (that means 2 rehearsals in one day), Friday will bring a double of Hilton Head Symphony rehearsal in the afternoon and a concert in Savannah at night, Saturday will be a double in Hilton Head, and then Sunday and Monday are wonderfully light, with a concert each day.  We’re playing some fun music in Savannah (it’s a pops concert) – An American in Paris, selections from Porgy and Bess, The Magnificent Seven Suite, selections from On the Town, selections from West Side Story, some marches, selections from The Sound of Music, and a piece I’ve never played before (a true rarity!) – the Savannah River Holiday Overture.

In Hilton Head, we’re playing one of my favorite pieces, the Dvorak Cello Concerto, and Sibelius’s 2nd Symphony, not one of my all-time favorite pieces, but it will still be an enjoyable concert.  Every time I play anything by Sibelius, I’m transported back to my trip to Finland in 1990 with the National High School Honors Orchestra.  We toured Sibelius’s house and learned a lot about him.  For example, he needed such a high level of quiet when he composed that he refused to install indoor plumbing in his house!  If you haven’t seen the Italian animated film Allegro non troppo, I highly recommend it.  It’s like Fantasia, but more for adults and really excellent.  Anyway, there’s a scene set to Sibelius’s Valse Triste about an abandoned cat in a broke-down house that is absolutely heartbreaking.

Once I’m home from Savannah and Hilton Head next week, I don’t have to travel for work until December.  The first weekend of December, we’ll still be in India/Amsterdam.  The second weekend, I’ll be in DC for gigs.  The third weekend, I’ll be in Savannah for concerts.  And then the following weekend, we’ll leave for Christmas in Boston.  Always a busy time of year!

Sometime the grind of being on the road for work is tough, but it helps that I have really wonderful people to stay with everywhere I go.  I’m not sure what will happen with our next PCS – depending on where we move, I might not be able to do any of my regular gigs anymore, and maybe I’ll be able to find more work closer to home.  That would be nice.

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