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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about my actual life, so if you’re here for the sightseeing and food, feel free to skip this post (though there will be ice cream at the end). 

PCS (Permanent Change of Station)After some frustrations, we finally got our actual orders last week. We’ll be moving to Ft. Meade, Maryland near the end of August, where Domingos will be Deputy Commander of The U. S. Army Field Band. We’re looking forward to being around lots of old friends, and I’m looking forward to resuming my gig life.

We’ve decided to send our Household Goods shipment early; we’d rather live without things here and be able to set up our new household right away in Maryland. We actually have our pre-move inspection this week, and the movers come next week! That means a very long to-do list to make sure everything is sorted properly and we don’t accidentally send things we really do need to keep here in Korea until the end. Luckily, next weekend is a 4-day for Domingos, so we should be able to get everything done. I’ll try to do as much as possible during the week this week so that we can have some R&R time this weekend as well.

Personal Productivity GoalsI’m motivated to stay on track with workouts and practicing during this chaotic time, because it’s just too easy to blow it all off, which makes me feel terrible about myself. So even though I was sick as a dog last week, I still got in 1 or 2 workouts every day, practiced my scales, etude, and Bach every day, and drank five bottles of water every day. I’m also learning Spanish as my fun personal enrichment goal. (The Army has renewed its contract with Rosetta Stone, finally, so if you have an Army library account, you can access the Rosetta Stone programs!).

For me, at least, I’m always more productive when I’m accountable. With exercise and practicing, my friend Jadde and I still have our Facebook accountability groups going, and my sister-in-law and I also check in via text to report our workouts. I’m also studying Spanish with my sister-in-law, though she is way ahead of me!

I’m giving the “No S” diet a try. I love its simplicity, and I think I can stick to it: No Snacks, No Sweets, No Seconds, Except Sometimes on days that start with “S.” Too easy. And if I have a bingsu outing with friends during the week, I just pretend the days of the week are “Sednesday” and “Waturday” instead!

Speaking of Those Outings with FriendsI’ve been organizing band spouse outings every Wednesday, and so far they have been so much fun! Some photos from a few of them will be in the photo album at the end. With the weather getting so hot and humid, we’re trying to do indoor activities as much as possible. I’m getting to share some of my favorite restaurants, and visiting places that have been on my Seoul bucket list since I got here (especially ones my husband isn’t interested in). I am really going to miss this great group of ladies!

WorkAn unexpected gig came in with the band I played with last summer. It was a blast to play with them all again, and to add a few tunes with Martha, a fabulous singer and band spouse. The job was in the middle of the day with no shade or cover and I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot and sweaty in my life! However, we had a great time making music anyway, and we may even have one more job in July. I’m doing these jobs on my electric violin, which is a lot of fun and a better match for the trumpet. My teaching is trailing off as it always does in the summer, as people PCS and go on vacations, but I’ll be teaching the few kiddos I have left until at least the end of July. I’m very happy to know there is a violinist band spouse coming in later this summer to take over for me! I have decided not to teach in Maryland (except for a couple of students I have here who are also PCSing to the DC metro area). I want to be free to go on tour with the Field Band and not worry about missing a month of lessons. I also want to take any orchestra work I can and not have to deal with a bunch of rescheduling. I can’t wait to play in orchestras again!

And now, ice cream! Domingos and I stumbled across a new ice cream shop in Itaewon yesterday, and I recognized the name from a shop in Boston, which is indeed where the small chain hails from. It’s called Emack & Bolio’s, and it rivals Graeter’s for the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Here is the “Beantown Buzz” in an Oreo-covered cone:

And the rest of my photos from June:

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