Good Food and a Walking Adventure

A man who works with my husband directed us to the fabulous Myeongdong Kyoja restaurant, where we had their signature kalguksu – soup with hand-cut noodles, dumplings, and ground beef. It was incredibly delicious, as was the extremely potent kimchi served alongside (it’s so garlicky that they bring you mint gum when you first sit down to be used after the meal). If you go, be prepared for a line (though we were lucky enough to slip in during a slight lull in business), and be ready to pay as soon as you order.


That night, we had delicious shredded pork wrapped in tortillas and lettuce leaves for dinner at home. I had put a big hunk of pork shoulder in the slow cooker the night before, inserted thin slices of garlic into the meat, put a few slices of bacon below and above the shoulder, then sprinkled Himalayan salt all over the meat. I cooked it on low for 16 hours, removed it from the liquid to shred it, then cooked chopped cabbage in the reserved liquid. It was ridiculously good and so easy that I know I’ll be making it many more times.

Shredded kalua pork
Shredded kalua pork

On Sunday, we decided to go check out the Ihwa Mural Village, a former slum that has been transformed by artwork. Rather than taking the route that would get us to Ihwa’s nearest subway station, I opted to come in from another subway stop, sure that I could navigate us to where we needed to be. Which I did do, eventually. After much walking and a few sets of killer stairs such as these:


Luckily, it was a nice day, and we happened upon the beautiful Namsan Park along the way, which we will definitely be revisiting.

IMG_1234 IMG_1236 IMG_1239We didn’t end up lingering in Ihwa, as it was pretty crowded. The Koreans politely queue up for each photo opportunity, but I just took some pictures of random strangers to capture some of the cool art because I really didn’t feel the need to have pictures of Domingos or myself standing on a set of stairs painted with flowers.

IMG_1241 IMG_1242 IMG_1244

Then, we walked and walked some more, finally ending up at our favorite Insadong dumpling place for lunch. Along our walk, I took a picture of this coffee shop because I loved the giant cup planted above its entrance:


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