Gangchon Railbike

Last Sunday, we decided to do an all-day tour that left from Myeongdong. We visited the Gangchon Rail Park, Nami Island, and the Garden of Morning Calm. The “tour” part just consisted of rides between locations and tickets being purchased for us; other than that, we were left to our own devices, which was nice. I’m going to do a separate post on each location.

The Gangchon Railbike was a lot of fun – we were in a four-seater bike car that follows railroad tracks through beautiful scenery and a few tunnels. One of the tunnels was a bit unpleasant, as there was loud music blasting out of speakers and blinding flashing neon lights, but overall, we had a great time pedaling down the track, braking frequently so that we didn’t hit the car in front of us. At a certain point in the track, you get off at a “photo deck,” where you then transfer to the “romance train,” which was not at all romantic and didn’t continue the nice views from the first part of the trip. I’m glad we had a nice day for this, and I’d love to go back in spring or fall for better views of the park.


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