Food and Whatnot

First, a few food pictures to catch up with my photo library:


This is a delicious snack you see regularly on the street – the little fish is filled with a vaguely sweet red bean paste. Delicious! I accidentally bought 5 of them instead of 2, but we managed to polish them off.

Even though Itaewon is more known for its non-Korean restaurants and bars, we found a good Korean barbecue place there, Maple Tree, for my birthday dinner. It had an enormous entrance door that was a little intimidating, but the food was good, especially the Korean beef:


After we ate beef and pork belly, we finished up with an absolutely delicious bowl of kimchi jjigae:


This afternoon, I went to the Soul Global Cultural Center in Myeongdong to attend a free crafts class for foreigners. This was a class in hanji, literally, “the paper of Korea.” The main material for it comes from the skin of the mulberry, and it apparently has a life span of 1,000 years!

I was the only American at the class, but I had a lovely group of exchange students at my table, especially one outgoing Malaysian girl and a young man who asked me if I was a student, too! I think I finished my Masters before the students there were even born. I made a coaster:


I think I’ll probably go back next week. It was fun, and I’ve always enjoyed working with paper. I definitely need to work on filling up my schedule more – it’s hard for me to get anything productive done when I have no set plan for my day!

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