Findlay, OH: Tornados and Asian Fusion

Tour, Day 5:
We had to leave the hotel on the earlier side to go straight to an afternoon performance in Findlay, Ohio.

Venue #5

The concert went very well, and just as Domingos was about to start Stars and Stripes, someone came on stage to stop him because there was a tornado warning! The sirens were apparently going off (I couldn’t hear them in the hall) and a tornado actually touched down somewhere in the vicinity. After a restless wait, the audience was invited to either continue to shelter in the hall or leave; the band had to pack up without playing Stars and Stripes, leaving me with an odd unfinished feeling. Okay, not really. After checking into the hotel, we grabbed a quick pizza at Beer Barrel Pizza & Grill (Domingos also had an excellent Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale).

Then we headed to the movie theater next door to see Thor: Ragnarok. It was excellent and the theater was mostly filled with other Field Band soldiers who had the same idea.

Tour, Day 6
The next day, Domingos and I were able to grab lunch at an Asian fusion restaurant, Stix, in downtown Findlay that knocked it out of the park. We split two different entrees – kimchi bacon fried rice and a sake marinated fried chicken, and then we really splurged and got the creme brûlée sampler for dessert – cheesecake, salted chocolate, and pumpkin creme brûlées.

After bringing out the fried chicken plate, the server told us she knew the piece of chicken was on the small side, so they decided to bring us this extra bigger piece of chicken a few minutes later. Each entree was only $10, what a bargain!

Ridiculously good! We picked up coffees at the cute coffee shop right next door, called We Serve. Coffee, and then I dropped him off at his van back at the hotel and hit the road for Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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