Fenway Park

In honor of the Red Sox’s first postseason game later today, I decided to finally get around to posting our photos of Fenway Park and the Red Sox game we went to last month.

Despite the rainy forecast, we went ahead and signed up for the pre-game tour of Fenway. The highlight was getting to be on the warning track.

Fenway, built in 1912, is the oldest park in major league baseball. Even if you’re not a fan of baseball or sports, I think a tour of Fenway is worth your time. It has a lot of charm and quirks.

There was a giant statue of David Ortiz made out of Legos on the concourse.

I liked this display of the team logos over the years.

From left to right: 1908, 1909-11, 1912-30
From left to right: 1931-32, 1933-49, the horrendous 1950-59
From left to right: 1960-75, 1976-2008, 2009-present

Doug Fister was pitching the night we were there, and it was an easy win over the Blue Jays, 6-1.

View from our seats

Cute young fan

Unfortunately, it started to rain, and we had no covering where we were sitting. Oh well! Like the true fans we are, we sat there and got soaked. It was still a fun night.

Win, Dance, Repeat.

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