Easy Weekend Breakfast

I love breakfast food, and I like to exercise a little creativity when making breakfast for Domingos and myself on the weekends. This morning, I decided to make breakfast pizzas and they came out perfectly!


First, I took two slices of Bacon Steak (the commissary carries it) and cooked them in the oven (18-20 minutes at 400° and the bacon comes out perfectly). I chopped them up, then briefly toasted two small flour tortillas in a pan on the stovetop. I set the tortillas aside on a baking sheet and spread a thin layer of Stonewall Kitchen’s ridiculously good garlic aioli on them. (The PX started carrying some Stonewall Kitchen products, to my great delight.)

Next, I put a little bacon grease in the hot skillet and broke two eggs into it on top of each other, breaking the yolks. Since the pan was already at the perfect temperature, it was easy to coax the eggs to stay in a nice circle the size of the tortillas. I made two eggs for each tortilla because I like a higher ratio of egg to bread. I then placed the fried eggs on the tortillas, sprinkled a “Mexican” blend of shredded cheese on top, then added the bacon pieces. I broiled the pizzas for about five minutes and they came out so tasty. I will definitely be making these again, and the variations are endless – veggies, different meats, different cheeses, different sauces, salsa…

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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