Deoksugung Palace

Domingos was off work on Friday, so in the afternoon we decided to visit one of the royal palaces that we hadn’t seen yet. We chose Deoksugung, right next to City Hall. It was much smaller than the other two royal palaces we visited but still had lots of interesting elements. The grounds have both traditional Korean architecture as well as Western neoclassical buildings, including a Western-style fountain and garden. One building, built in 1900 by a Russian architect, has elements of Korean, Western, and Russian styles in its architecture.

The grounds were lovely and we sat for quite a while in front of a peaceful pond. Although Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung Palaces get more attention and visitors – and they really are worth a visit – we enjoyed this smaller palace and its grounds.

A lot of the stairs had these cool statues on them
Arrow launcher powered by gunpowder, capable of launching 100 arrows at once
A cute little Korean boy asked us if we would take a picture with him in front of this building
Building designed by a Russian architect
This couple was doing a photo shoot around the grounds
It looked like there was some excavation going on
On the stairs in front of the throne room

IMG_2071 IMG_2079

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