Day Two on Yongsan


Day Two was a much nicer day, with clear skies and sunshine. Here’s the view from our hotel room:


Domingos had PT again early in the morning, lucky man, and I dozed off and on after waking up around 3:30am. After breakfast together, we went over to the in-processing building, where I was scanned into DBIDS – the Defense Biometric Identification Data System – with my fingerprints and photo. This allows me to access the post with just my military ID instead of carrying around 2 forms of identification. It also sets me up for my ration card, which I need to shop anywhere on base. I had to come back for the ration card later, since it takes several hours to get into the system. Apparently, we are only allowed to spend a certain amount at the commissary each month (well over anything I’ve ever spent there), and we can only buy a certain amount of liquor and beer each month, though wine is unlimited. Domingos had already figured out how many months it would be until he has his bartending needs accounted for.

After registering with DBIDS, I went over to the USO lounge, where the Thursday Night NFL game was playing on TV. I watched a bit of it, then used the USO computer center to print out a few forms that I needed to apply for refunds of Virginia Beach car taxes and registration. Then I went back to the room and took care of a bunch of boring computer stuff with the game on in the background. It’s weird to have football that early in the morning!

Domingos came back for lunch, and I had a quite tasty chicken taco salad in the hotel’s Mexican restaurant, Oasis. I was planning to explore the base a little more after lunch, but I got a case of the lazies and just hung out in the room until Domingos was done for the day around 3:00. I met him at the in-processing building to pick up my newly printed ration card, and then we went over to housing to check in. We have 2 homes to choose from, but the building inspector wasn’t available, so we’ll have to check them out Monday afternoon.

Next, we decided to walk up to Main Post (we’re staying on South Post). I think it was just a 10-15 minute walk until we reached the main PX. We also passed the band building where Domingos will be working:


We got a nice evening view along the way:


We had an uneventful evening, eating in the hotel and struggling to stay awake past 9pm. I was unsuccessful in that endeavor, probably because this cold is still kicking my butt.

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