Day 2 – Delhi to Mussoorie

I definitely think using the jetlag plan was a good idea, and we’ll use the principles of it on future trips. We both slept well last night, and woke with the alarm at 5:15. Unfortunately, the hot water did not wake up with us. That was a bracing start to the day! It was surreal to check the Pats score at 5:20am here and see that they had 12 minutes left to play in the game.

We took a taxi to the train station at 6 to catch the 6:50 Shatabdi Express to Dehradun. The trip took about 5-1/2 hours and was very comfortable. We were given bottled water, tea, cornflakes with hot milk (better than it sounds!), an omelet with 2 slices of bread, and more tea if desired. I read on my iPad almost the entire way, and managed not to doze at all.

Waiting at the train station

The area outside the Dehradun train station was a zoo. I may try to get a video of it on our return Thursday, as it’s almost indescribable. Taxis, cars, scooters, bikes, pedestrians, animals, buses all jammed together in a mess that somehow always works itself out. We went into town and said hello to our old family friend, musician Ajit Singh, then ate lunch at the Cosmopolitan restaurant a few doors down from his music shop. Domingos and I had chicken biryani, the best I’ve ever had.

Chicken biryani – the white pieces are hard-boiled egg

The drive to Mussoorie was a harrowing one, filled with sharp turns and narrow misses with other vehicles. Fun as ever.

We finally reached Hill Haven, where we’re staying with my parents. The house is a wee bit chilly, but there’s plenty of space for us all. After settling in for a bit, we set off for a nice long walk to Second Jabarkhet to chai. It was a good two-hour walk round trip, and we were treated to some great views coming and going.  We saw langur monkeys in the trees on the way back to the house.

View from above of the road we took our walk on
The winterline, an atmospheric condition that produces a line in the sky that looks like the horizon but is not
Langur monkey

After dinner at home and some settling in, we are now ready (very) for bed at the advanced hour of 8:30.

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