Day Three – We Venture Out

We woke up early on Saturday morning and had a lazy few hours before finally getting our day started. We ate breakfast in the hotel, then ventured out Gate #1, the closest one to the Dragon Hill Lodge. We turned left on the main street there and headed for the subway, passing the Korean War Memorial Center and Museum along the way. We will come back and explore it more in the future, but for now we just stopped and took in one of the large outdoor memorials, called The Statue of Brothers.


It depicts a South Korean soldier embracing his brother, a North Korean soldier, on the battlefield. The crack in the dome symbolizes the division of Korea and the hope for reconciliation.

We found the Samgakchi subway station and made our way to line 4. It took a while to reach the right platform underground, but everything was very clearly marked and I think the subway is going to be my favorite way to get around. It’s really inexpensive, too! We went four stops and got off at Myeong-dong station, where we made our way through steep, meandering, narrow streets to the cable car to take us up to N Seoul Tower. The cable car was very crowded – they really pack them in! – but it was nice, quick way to the N Seoul Tower complex.


We didn’t feel like actually going in the tower at that time, but we wandered around, admired the views, and decided against adding a lock of our own to the thousands? millions? that were already there.



After we went back down the cable car, we decided to start thinking about lunch. Nothing grabbed us on the way back to the subway, so we went just a stop back and got off at Hoehyeon station, which took us to the huge Namdaemun Market. We wandered a little bit, but at that point we were hungry enough that we decided to go across the street to find a sit-down place for lunch. I don’t know the name of the place where we ended up, but we had a delicious meal of dolsot bibimbap with the usual sides, though there were only a few this time.

IMG_0174 IMG_0173

After eating, I was feeling pretty worn out from my cold and a few other aches and pains that I’m battling, so we decided to leave exploring Namdaemun Market to another day and headed back to the base. We had a quiet evening in after our busy day out and about!

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    1. Check out the wikipedia article on love locks:
      Basically, it’s become this widespread thing all over the world for lovers to leave a padlock on a bridge or fence or some other place, often with their initials or a message on the lock, then throw away the key to symbolize unbreakable love. Although sweet, it’s just not really the kind of thing we’re into. 🙂

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