Day 1 – Delhi

I’m not counting our travel days, since those are just a matter of grim endurance. It’s enough to say we made all our connections, suffered no huge delays, and got almost zero sleep. Our plane landed at 11:15pm Delhi time, and by the time we made it through customs, it was close to 12:30. My father was a very welcome sight as we walked out of the airport!

We made it to our hotel, the Bonlon Inn, around 1:30, and by the time we unpacked and settled in to sleep, it was already 2:00am. Sadly for me, I was awake, tired, and not at all sleepy at 5:30, while Domingos slept peacefully on. I caught up on emails, sports news, and read for a while, then finally gave up and got up to take a shower. We went out for chai with fresh ginger just down the street, then came back to the hotel for breakfast. We knew we had to keep active all day, so we started out with a trip on the metro to Humayun’s Tomb. We had to transfer trains twice, and when we got out at the station, the three of us squeezed into the first of many transportation modes for the day: a bicycle rickshaw. That poor man had to work really hard when we got to any slight hills, but he delivered us to the Tomb’s entrance safe and sound.

The tomb was beautiful, and has been undergoing renovations since the 1990s. Here are some photos, though for some reason Blogsy is not letting me import from iPhoto, which means these are all unedited, pre-straightened and pre-cropped versions (sorry! Blame Blogsy!)

We really lucked out, as there was not a big crowd at the Tomb today. After leaving, we grabbed a tuk-tuk back to the metro:

A little better fit than the bicycle rickshaw, but not much! The metro had gotten really crowded, so on two lines I got in the women-only front car which had more room, and let the men fight for room in the next car down. Luckily, I had no trouble finding my men again at each stop in the crush of people! On the last leg back to the hotel, the metro was stopped for 10-15 minutes, with more people crowding on every minute. We eventually gave up on waiting and grabbed an electric tuk tuk at the station to take us back to the hotel.

View of Hanuman statue out the back of the electric tuk tuk


We ate lunch somewhere really good. I had a Punjabi thali and Dad and Domingos had Gujarati ones. Delicious!

We rested briefly after lunch, then headed out in a regular old taxi to go to the B’hai Lotus Temple. It was a bizarre experiece of being repeatedly herded into a single file lines until we were in the temple, where we sat for a 5-minute B’hai service and were quickly herded out. It was gorgeous, though, and well worth a visit.
We made a final quick stop by the India Gate, which was beautiful at night, even though we didn’t go up close:
One more stop at the hotel to pick up clean clothes at the cleaner’s down the street and relax a little, and then we were off to dinner at the Jade Bar. We made a meal of appetizers and beer, and now I’m going to crash hard before an early wakeup to take the Shatabdi train to Dehra Dun.
Chilly Chicken Dry
Paneer Tikka
Crispy Honey Potatoes

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