Day 9 – Fatehpur Sikri

Tuesday morning, we were able to sleep in, except I woke up at 5 for some reason. I guess my body decided 7 hours of sleep was plenty, as it often does. I read until Domingos woke up at 7, and then we went to breakfast in a beautiful dining room at the hotel. After breakfast, we wandered the grounds of the hotel for a while until it was time to check out. No one else was out, and a gardener stopped us at one point so that he could tell us the name of every single plant in his garden.

Our next stop: Fatehpur Sikri, the red sandstone city that Emperor Akbar built outside of Agra. We visited the mosque first, where we tied red threads onto the wall in the Sufi tomb to supposedly get three wishes.

After the mosque, we toured the city with a guide who filled us in on all the different buildings. Akbar had 3 wives – one Hindu, one Muslim, and one Christian. Each wife had separate residences,but it sounded like they spent a lot of time together. I’m having trouble remembering a lot of the tour, because it was in the middle of the heat of the day, plus I took a cold pill, plus I’m writing this after several drinks. But Fatehpur Sikri is beautiful and well worth a visit. Oh, and I used an Indian toilet today! (Look it up)

After lunch, we headed to Bharatpur. We checked in mid-afternoon, and had the rest of the day free to loll about and enjoy the beautiful Laxmi Vilas. We tried to get on the Internet, but the connection was worthless so we gave up. Eventually I’ll be able to post some of these entries! In the evening, we met for drinks (I had Old Monk rum and mango juice, a most excellent combination), then went to dinner in the hotel restaurant, a beautiful dining room.

Laxmi Vilas courtyard


Dining Room Ceiling


Sunrise at Laxmi Vilas

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