Day 4 – Mussoorie

Today, we headed out by taxi to Happy Valley, the nearby Tibetan settlement. The road was in pretty bad shape, so it was quite a bumpy ride. The temple is beautiful, and the views from the hill where all the prayer flags hang are stunning, as you can see in the pictures.

We then went into the bazaar and had lunch at Momos, a Tibetan restaurant. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures, but I had a delicious chicken soup with noodles. After some good shopping in the bazaar, Mom headed back in a taxi since she was a little under the weather, and the three of us walked up Mulllingar Hill through the baz.

We went to dinner at the Whitemans, a lovely Australian couple. Their cook, Naveen, is incredibly talented, currently attending culinary school in Dehradun while cooking for four different families here in Mussoorie. For dinner last night, he made veg curry, mattar paneer, chicken curry, and kofta curry. Each dish was better than the last, accompanied by fresh roti. Dessert was a dish he invented – kheer with apples and dried cranberries, very tasty. Luckily, the Whitemans live very near Hill Haven, so we just had a short walk back after such a wonderful feast.

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