Day 3 – Mussoorie

Tuesday morning, I took a shower with some large eight-legged friends, but I talked them into staying on their side of the shower and I stayed on mine, which worked out just fine. I’ve picked up a cold, which kind of sucks, but I’m just ignoring it in hopes it will go away sooner rather than later. Around 8:30, Dad, Domingos, and I took the path straight up the mountain to Sisters Bazaar, where we were rewarded for the steep climb with amazing views.

Then we walked over to Char Dukan for a breakfast of bun omelets and chai:
 After breakfast, we met Mom at Woodstock School, and she gave us a tour of the new gym and the music wing. I’m so happy to finally show Domingos my childhood home! I love being back here.
After the school tour, the four of us headed down into the bazaar for lunch. The traffic and congestion in the bazaar have gotten really bad. We ate at Green for lunch and shared paneer pakoras and three different entrees: aloo gobi, paneer do piaza, and Green’s special dal, which really was special and most delicious. 🙂
We did a little shopping, then Mom and I wussed out and took a taxi back to the house while the men walked back through the bazaar. We had a nice relaxing afternoon back at the house, then went to our friends the Nagarwallas for a wonderful dinner. I was fading quite a bit by that point due to the cold medication I had taken as well as a bit of lingering jetlag. It was very, very nice to finally get to sleep.

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