Day 12 – Jaipur to Delhi

We didn’t set off for Delhi until 9:00; it was nice to sleep in a bit. I spent the first three hours of the trip editing photos and reading, and then halfway back our driver, Mr. Y took us to his village to see his home and meet his family. The village was only about a kilometer off the main drag, but it was like entering a different world completely. Mr. Y lives in a compound with his 4 brothers and their families, plus his parents. The families seem quite well off, with each family owning a couple of water buffalo, lots of land, and not having very many children. But by western standards, it was definitely enlightening. Mr. Y, his wife, and 2 children live in a one-room house. His wife cooks in a corner right outside the house, the buffalo are penned in the front yard and yet they have electricity, a tractor, cell phones…

Here is Mr. Y’s sister-in-law cooking suji halwa, a dessert (notice the cell phone in the front left of the photo):
We were served a delicious lunch of fresh parathas and dahi (yogurt) made fresh from their buffalo milk:
It’s interesting how so many people, in the cities and in the villages, put kohl on their children’s eyes:
Here is Mr. Y’s daughter and niece making chai:
All in all, it was an absolutely unforgettable visit, and such an honor that we got to see where he lives and meet his family. It’s a slice of India that few tourists get to see, and not an experience that can be manufactured.
When it was time to leave, Mr. Y’s 2-1/2 year old son started bawling, which almost got all of us crying. Mr. Y lives in Delhi and only sees his family about once a month, which is a fairly common arrangement here. Here’s a nice photo of Mr. Y, his wife, his 2 children, niece, and sister-in-law:
It was 3 more hours back to Delhi, and we set out again soon after arriving back at our hotel for a little shopping (Dad, not us) and dinner at Havemore in Pandara Market. Yet another delicious meal, but of course!

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