Day 10 – Bharatpur to Jaipur

Blogsy ate the first part of my entry that I wrote when we didn’t have Internet, so I’m going to do my best to remember our day three days later, when I’m rewriting this entry. We got up early for our bird tour at the Keoladeo National Park.


Our guide was excellent. Please let me know if you’re ever heading to the bird sanctuary at Bharatpur, as I have his contact info. We decided to travel by tonga (horse and cart) so that we could all ride together.

It was a little slow to arrive, so in the meantime, we set off walking while our guide pointed out various birds and let us look at them through his telescope. Most of the pictures I got are fuzzy, but actually look kind of cool, almost like paintings. Here’s a kingfisher:

We got to see a peacock dance, which was very cool. It looked like he was trying to impress the bluejay on the end of the branch, but there was most likely a peahen somewhere in the brush.
Near the point we had to turn around, we got to a huge colony of painted storks in the trees; the sight of them and the sounds they produced were beautiful and eerie.
After a quick stop back at the hotel to check out, we hit the road for Jaipur. Upon arrival, we relaxed and enjoyed our gorgeous room at the Shahpura House.
After some down time, it was time for some serious shopping! The first place we went, we were able to describe exactly the style of sapphire earrings I wanted, approve of the stones, and place an order to have the earrings made to our specifications for pickup the following day.  Wow!
Next, both my parents and we bought rugs, even though none of us had any intention of doing so on this trip! Ours is very small, but it’s a silk-wool blend, and was too good of a bargain to pass up. Here is the rug salesman showing us rug after rug after rug:
We finally returned, exhausted and poorer, to the hotel, where we had an excellent dinner in the rooftop restaurant.

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