Connecticut River Sunset Cruise

On the second of our two nights in Connecticut, we took a sunset cruise with the Essex Steamtrain and Riverboat Company. At the Essex Railroad Station, we boarded this charming train for a short ride to the riverboat dock.

After a short train ride, we arrived at the Becky Thatcher riverboat and commenced a lovely 3-hour cruise up and down the river. The cruise was supposed to feature an impressive swallow swarm before the migrating birds settled down for the night, but we were a little too early in the season. Instead, we were treated to thousands of tree and barn swallows flying overhead as they went to an island in the river to bed down for the night. No swarms, but it was amazing to see thousands of birds homing in to one area and promptly disappearing as darkness fell. No photos of the birds (the iPhone can do a lot, but this was beyond its [or my] capabilities), but I got a lot of beautiful river and sunset shots. It was a perfect night and we enjoyed the relaxing cruise.

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