Coex Mall

After almost two years of avoiding it for unknown reasons (I don’t go to Gangnam much?), I finally visited Coex Mall twice in the space of one week! Coex is Asia’s largest underground shopping mall, but I must have not seen a lot of if on either visit, because I was aboveground quite a lot of the time.

I first went with some friends on one of our Wednesday band spouses’ excursions, specifically because I wanted to see the new Starfield Library in the mall. It did not disappoint, with a huge central space, lots of light, and high-reaching shelves.

After checking out the library, we grabbed lunch at the Coex branch of Flying Pan Blue, one of my favorite Itaewon brunch places. I had a delicious chicken salad sandwich with a side salad:

After lunch, I had to jet back home for our pre-move inspection, but I already was making plans to bring Domingos to the mall to check it out more thoroughly. We returned the following week and had a leisurely stroll through a lot of it. I thought we might go to the aquarium, but neither of us ended up being in the mood. I was eager to check out the Marvel store, located in the lobby of the Megabox Cinema, but it was kind of lame. It was mostly filled with expensive models.

We also visited Teuscher Chocolates, which was ranked the #1 chocolatier in the world by National Geographic. There are only about 25 stores worldwide, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We used some fun money to splurge on a box of 12 truffles – we got to pick which ones we wanted – and the clerk gave us an insulated bag with an ice pack in it to carry our chocolates in. Rest assured, it were definitely the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted.

We went in a few cute home goods stores, Butter and Jaju, and then found a Japanese restaurant for lunch. I had a rice-pork-egg bowl similar to the one at Ginza Bairin, but not quite as good as theirs.

We finished our day at Coex with a coffee at the delicious Terarosa Coffee, the third one I’ve been to in Seoul. The decor was really interesting, and we sat at this really cool table:

All in all, a great day out with many delicious-looking restaurants, high-end shops, and entertainment in the form of a movie theater, aquarium, and kimchi museum (none of which we visited!). It was definitely worth a visit, and I’m glad I didn’t miss out.


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