Cloudy Day Hike on Inwangsan Mountain

Sunday morning the predicted rain was still holding off, so Domingos and I decided to try a local hike. After doing a little bit of quick research, I chose Inwangsan Mountain as our destination – easy to reach by subway, and not quite as popular as many of the other hikes in and around Seoul. We took the train to Dongnimmun Station, and it was a short walk from there to the start of the trail at Inwangsan Temple.

Gate at the entrance to the temple.
Gate at the entrance to the temple.

We passed several brightly colored murals on walls, some cool buildings, and a shrine (no pictures because there were hikers stopped there praying).

IMG_2743 IMG_2744 IMG_2746

Soon after, we came to Seobwani Rock, two large rocks that are a popular place of prayer for women trying to get pregnant.


The day wasn’t terribly hot, but it was quite humid, and we were grateful for any breezes that sprung up. The day was pretty hazy, but it was still cool to see the city laid out before us.IMG_2759 IMG_2765

The climb was pretty steep at times, and there were a lot of stairs to climb along the way. My iPhone tells me that we climbed the equivalent of 107 flights. Most of the path stayed right next to the Seoul Fortress Wall.


On the way down, there were lots of pretty flowers, as well as a cat taking a nap (we saw one on the way up, too!).
IMG_2772 IMG_2773IMG_2775

We ended the hike about fifteen minutes from Gyeongbokgung Palace, so we had lunch at Ginza Bairin, sharing the same dish I got last time and also a pork katsu sandwich that was delicious.

My calves are feeling it today, but we can’t wait to explore more of the hikes around here!

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