Chrysanthemum Festival

Last week, I went to a lovely chrysanthemum festival at the Jogyesa Temple near Insadong.  I believe the festival is there until November 11, so there’s still time to go and see this autumn flower showcased in many different ways.


img_5711 img_5713 img_5719 img_5721

After enjoying the flowers, my friend and I wandered around the streets near Gyeongbokgung. We wanted to eat lunch at Bukchon Kalguksu, but the line was ridiculously long. We ended up at a small cafe filled with mirrors, and I had a grilled gorgonzola and almond sandwich that came with a side of honey to dip it in. Delicious!img_5722

Afterwards, we went to a bakery where I got this ridiculous concoction: a tasty brioche bun topped with chocolate cream. I think I managed to eat about a quarter of it!img_5724

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