Chiang Mai Food Tour, Part One

On our last full day, we did a food and walking tour of Old City Chiang Mai with my parents. We met our guide Day at Wat Chiang Man, and a young Australian couple joined us on the tour; it was nice to have a small group of six total. Before getting to any food, we toured the Wat Chiang Man. It was built in 1297, and one of the temples had murals all around the inside depicting Buddha’s life both as Prince Siddhartha and then post-enlightenment. Day was a very thorough guide, explaining everything we were looking at and answering all of our questions.

img_7147 img_7153 img_7154 img_7157 img_7166

Next, we wound through a small market where we sampled several foods, including jackfruit, a sticky rice treat, and tiny savory coconut pancakes.

img_7170 img_7171 img_7172 img_7174

Our next stop was a traditional sausage restaurant, where we got to see a woman making the sausages before we settled down to eat a very spicy minced pork patty wrapped in banana leaf and delicious sausage slices served with sticky rice.

img_7179 img_7180 img_7181 img_7183

Next up, a quick stop at another temple, Wat Inthankhin Saduemuang.

img_7184 img_7188

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