Change of Command

Last Wednesday, Domingos took over command of the Eighth Army Band, “Freedom’s Ambassadors.” The previous commander, CW3 Joseph Parenteau, is retiring after an illustrious career, and he has been a huge help to us in our move to Korea. We’re lucky that he’ll be in the area a while longer to help ease the transition and serve as a valuable resource. I am thrilled to have my husband back at a band making music, especially one that has such a vital mission. With the dissolution of the 2ID Band, the 8th Army Band is solely responsible for American military music for all of Korea. I’m guessing I need to take some more pictures of my husband so that I can remember what he looks like once this job starts rolling for him! I think there will be a lot of long days, nights, and weekends, but it’s absolutely worth it for this opportunity.

The Alliance Brass provided excellent music pre- and post-ceremony:

IMG_0446 The band looked sharp on the field:


IMG_0449 IMG_0454

For more pictures, check out the 8th Army Band’s Facebook page. Here’s a link to the photo album from the change of command. Please like the page while you’re at it!

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