Cerapia Ceramics Center

“Cerapia” is a mash-up of the words “Ceramic” and “Utopia,” and that is pretty much spot-on for this fun, colorful, interesting destination in Icheon. I’m so glad we managed to visit it before leaving Korea.

Bell tree outside the ceramics center

We had a little trouble finding the place, but now that I know the official name is “Cerapia,” it should be super easy for anyone reading this to make their way there, as “Cerapia” is listed in the Waze app. The center is behind the adorable Seolbong Park and Lake, and it looks like they have frequent concerts there as well. We drove all the way around the lake on the one-way road until we reached Cerapia, and we had no trouble finding parking (free). The above tree was right next to the road we parked on, as was a giant walk-through kiln. I took so many photos that I’m going to put them up  in an album at the end of this post.

The outside of the center was full of fun sculptures, a wavy bridge over a small water area, and an adorable coffee shop. Inside, we paid the bargain 3,000₩ entry fee and started wandering. The first floor was taken up with various artists’ studios, and we got to see a man working with glass. There were various workshops you could sign up for, so this would be a great family outing. On the next floor, we saw the permanent exhibit, which had one stunning ceramic sculpture after another. We then made our way to the temporary exhibit of the 2017 International Competition. These sculptures were equally fascinating, but not all of them did it for me.

Our admission wristbands also got us into the Toyseum building next to the main ceramics center, so we continued on, overwhelmed at all the amazing artwork. There was a teapot exhibition there that was utterly charming; it was hard not to take a photo of each and every one!

In my opinion, this is a can’t-miss attraction! If you don’t have a car, I think there are ways to get there by bus, or find a friend with a car and make a day of it.


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