Day 2 – Delhi to Mussoorie

I definitely think using the jetlag plan was a good idea, and we’ll use the principles of it on future trips. We both slept well last night, and woke with the alarm at 5:15. Unfortunately, the hot water did not wake up with us. That was a bracing start to the day! It was surreal to check the Pats score at 5:20am here and see that they had 12 minutes left to play in the game. Continue reading “Day 2 – Delhi to Mussoorie”

Day 1 – Delhi

I’m not counting our travel days, since those are just a matter of grim endurance. It’s enough to say we made all our connections, suffered no huge delays, and got almost zero sleep. Our plane landed at 11:15pm Delhi time, and by the time we made it through customs, it was close to 12:30. My father was a very welcome sight as we walked out of the airport! Continue reading “Day 1 – Delhi”


It looks like we’ll be able to add on an overnight in Amsterdam on our way back from India this December.  I’m beyond excited to spend a day there with Domingos.  We decided to get a hotel right by the airport to make things easier the next morning.  I know we’ll be totally jet-lagged and zonked out that day, but it will still be so much fun to wander around the city.  We’ve got a flight from Delhi to Paris, 1:45a to 6:10a, then Paris to Amsterdam, 7:55a to 9:10a.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to check in early at our Amsterdam hotel (for a €19.95 charge), get a shower, leave our luggage, and hit the city to explore.  It will probably be way too cold for a canal tour, but Amsterdam is a great city for just walking around.  Unfortunately, it looks like the Van Gogh museum is going to be closed for renovations.  Also, the only time we can tour the Concertgebouw is 9:30a, so that’s not going to happen, either. Continue reading “Amsterdam”