Day 11 – Jaipur

Our day started off with breakfast at the hotel, after which our guide for the day, Mr. Sharma, met us at the hotel and rode to the Amber Fort with us. On the way, we stopped for a photo op of the Hawa Mahal (Wind Palace); not really a palace at all, but a 5-story structure with 152 windows that allowed the royal ladies to watch processions and events on the street below without being seen. Continue reading “Day 11 – Jaipur”

Day 9 – Fatehpur Sikri

Tuesday morning, we were able to sleep in, except I woke up at 5 for some reason. I guess my body decided 7 hours of sleep was plenty, as it often does. I read until Domingos woke up at 7, and then we went to breakfast in a beautiful dining room at the hotel. After breakfast, we wandered the grounds of the hotel for a while until it was time to check out. No one else was out, and a gardener stopped us at one point so that he could tell us the name of every single plant in his garden. Continue reading “Day 9 – Fatehpur Sikri”

Day 8 – Agra

Our car and driver met us at the Bonlon Inn in Delhi at 6:45 this morning for the trip to Agra. We took a new freeway that had a lot less traffic and was a very nice, smooth road. When we got to the outskirts of Agra, we stopped for a breakfast of fresh aloo (potato) parathas and chai. The parathas were hot and delicious: Continue reading “Day 8 – Agra”

Days 5, 6, and 7 – Mussoorie, Delhi, Meerut

On Thursday, the morning was spent readying Hill Haven for our departure. My parents spent two months there on this visit, and still we were all pretty much ready to go at 8:30, four hours before our taxi was due to take us down to Dehradun. Since I was still rather under the weather – I slept little due to being so congested – I was happy just to chill out, read, and chat. Unfortunately, the Internet was acting up, so I couldn’t post my latest blog entry or catch up on email. The porters arrived at noon to carry our luggage up to the road where the taxi was meeting us. It’s absolutely incredible how much these men can carry up the steep hillsides of Mussoorie. Continue reading “Days 5, 6, and 7 – Mussoorie, Delhi, Meerut”

Day 3 – Mussoorie

Tuesday morning, I took a shower with some large eight-legged friends, but I talked them into staying on their side of the shower and I stayed on mine, which worked out just fine. I’ve picked up a cold, which kind of sucks, but I’m just ignoring it in hopes it will go away sooner rather than later. Around 8:30, Dad, Domingos, and I took the path straight up the mountain to Sisters Bazaar, where we were rewarded for the steep climb with amazing views. Continue reading “Day 3 – Mussoorie”

Day 2 – Delhi to Mussoorie

I definitely think using the jetlag plan was a good idea, and we’ll use the principles of it on future trips. We both slept well last night, and woke with the alarm at 5:15. Unfortunately, the hot water did not wake up with us. That was a bracing start to the day! It was surreal to check the Pats score at 5:20am here and see that they had 12 minutes left to play in the game. Continue reading “Day 2 – Delhi to Mussoorie”

Day 1 – Delhi

I’m not counting our travel days, since those are just a matter of grim endurance. It’s enough to say we made all our connections, suffered no huge delays, and got almost zero sleep. Our plane landed at 11:15pm Delhi time, and by the time we made it through customs, it was close to 12:30. My father was a very welcome sight as we walked out of the airport! Continue reading “Day 1 – Delhi”