Mother-Daughter Road Trip, Part 4

Saturday morning, we got up and had breakfast and hit the road by 8:30, since we had a longer day of driving. The drive down through New Brunswick and then into Maine was beautiful, and passed by uneventfully. We stopped for a late lunch just outside of Ellsworth, Maine, and then continued on into Acadia National Park. The weather was hazy, so the photo opportunities were not ideal, but we drove around the northern park loop and saw breathtaking scenery at every turn. We decided to drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain for the views, which was well worth the excursion. Sunrise is at 5:00am tomorrow morning, so I don’t think we’ll be doing the sunrise-on-Cadillac-Mountain experience, thank you very much. Continue reading “Mother-Daughter Road Trip, Part 4”

Mother-Daughter Road Trip, Part 3

We left P.E.I. Friday morning and hit the road for Moncton, New Brunswick. We were able to check in quite early at our lovely hotel, the Chateau Moncton, and after settling in briefly, we got back in the car for the 40-minute drive to Hopewell Rocks. Lunch along the way was a bit of an adventure. We first went in the Cinnamon Soul Cafe, where we sat for a good long while without being acknowledged at all. We eventually gave up and left. We were listening to Anne of the Island on audiobook in the car, and we had just gotten to the point where Anne and the girls find out that Patty’s Place is available to let. Well, to our amazement, the next restaurant (and they were few and far between, let me tell you!) was called Patty’s Place! It was clearly kismet, and we had to stop. We both had delicious lobster rolls and then continued on to the Rocks. Mom took the shuttle down to the Rocks, and I took a nice little walk through the woods to get there. Here is the view from the top of the rocks, halfway between low and high tide. Continue reading “Mother-Daughter Road Trip, Part 3”

Mother-Daughter Road Trip, Part 1

The first part of our trip was rather uneventful, but now I have a few photos and events to report on, so I thought I’d write a quick update. I caught my early train on Sunday and met up with my mom as planned in Baltimore. We hit the road and, for once, traffic wasn’t too bad on the I-95/NJ Turnpike route. We got to our hotel in Connecticut right around dinner time and had a good swim that evening in the hotel pool to unwind after the drive. Monday morning, we started off with another swim and then hit the road for Bowdoinham, Maine, where we had lunch with a childhood friend of my mom’s. Then it was on to St. Andrews, New Brunswick (with an amazingly easy border crossing – not a single other car in sight), a quaint little town right on the coast. We had dinner in the small downtown area – delicious lobster cakes and sweet potato fries. Continue reading “Mother-Daughter Road Trip, Part 1”

Anne of Green Gables Pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island, Canada

Later this month, my mother and I are setting out on an epic road trip to delight in all things Anne and Lucy Maud Montgomery, and to enjoy some quality mother-daughter time. I’ve got the first three Anne books on audiobook for the car – that’s how serious we are about this pilgrimage! Here’s the nitty-gritty of our crazy itinerary: Continue reading “Anne of Green Gables Pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island, Canada”

Day 12 – Jaipur to Delhi

We didn’t set off for Delhi until 9:00; it was nice to sleep in a bit. I spent the first three hours of the trip editing photos and reading, and then halfway back our driver, Mr. Y took us to his village to see his home and meet his family. The village was only about a kilometer off the main drag, but it was like entering a different world completely. Mr. Y lives in a compound with his 4 brothers and their families, plus his parents. The families seem quite well off, with each family owning a couple of water buffalo, lots of land, and not having very many children. But by western standards, it was definitely enlightening. Mr. Y, his wife, and 2 children live in a one-room house. His wife cooks in a corner right outside the house, the buffalo are penned in the front yard and yet they have electricity, a tractor, cell phones… Continue reading “Day 12 – Jaipur to Delhi”