Making Your Credit Cards Work for You

Various Credit CardsI have promised to write about how I use credit card rewards for maximum effect. I am not an expert at this and I’m sure I miss out on some opportunities; if you want to wring every last bit of value from your credit card rewards, do a quick web search and you will find many websites dedicated to the process. But before I can talk about rewards, I have to talk about a few other things first.
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The Future, Now

As I was kicking off my shoes the other morning after a particularly intense Insanity workout, it occurred to me that by not taking the time to untie my sneakers, I was being a jerk to Future Anjali. So I took the extra 30 seconds to untie the laces and take my shoes off properly, and thus showed Future Anjali a little bit of love. Over the last few days, I have continued to think about this concept, about the choices we make every day to love our future selves – or not to love them, in some cases. Continue reading “The Future, Now”