Insanity Wrap-up

I did it! Today was my last day of the Insanity program, a final fit test to track my progress from Day One. I did every workout in the program, some with more energy and enthusiasm than others, and I feel great. I really enjoyed the workouts, suffered no injuries, and received great feedback from my massage therapist confirming that I wasn’t totally messing up my body doing this. Continue reading “Insanity Wrap-up”

My Fourth Decade – Memorable Experiences

There were a lot of cool, interesting things I got to do over the past decade. Unfortunately, I’m getting older and my memory is not what it used to be. I imagine that if I don’t have a picture of it in iPhoto, it’s lost. For example, Domingos and I went to hear U2 in 2009 in Atlanta, but since I don’t have a photo, the only reason I remembered that it happened at all was that I was looking up something on my calendar in 2009 and happened to see the U2 show. So, a few things that I actually do remember: Continue reading “My Fourth Decade – Memorable Experiences”


I think about writing a lot.  I enjoy crafting entries in my head while I’m driving, for example, but then I get home and there are a million other things to do and it just never happens.  Plus, sometimes my life feels far too boring to write about.  I have kept some sort of diary or journal since middle school, though there have always been some periods of inactivity.  I tend to write more when I’m unhappy, and I’ve been so happy for the last four years that I’ve written very little, aside from trip journals.  But later in life, I don’t want to look back at my journals and only see unhappiness, so I prod myself to write when I’m happy, too.  There’s just never as much to say. Continue reading “Blogging”

Old Papers

I’m slowly working my way through all my files and saved paperwork.  This is not a new thing for me (I’m sure you’re shocked), but this go-around is dedicated to sorting out the things I didn’t feel like dealing with at one time or another, such as document related to my old condo that I sold in 2008.  Also supporting tax documents from far too many years ago. Continue reading “Old Papers”