Jagacida – Healthy Version


I love jag – jagacida – a Cape Verdean beans and rice dish that I learned from my mother-in-law. I make a batch of it once a week and my husband eats it for lunch pretty much every day. I decided to try to come up with a healthier version, subbing out the linguiça sausage with chicken, adding more beans, and subbing brown rice for the original white rice. I have to say I’m very pleased with the results on my first try! Here’s the altered recipe if you’re interested in making it for yourself: Continue reading “Jagacida – Healthy Version”

August Hodgepodge

I’ve been pretty lax with my blogging as of late! To be honest, the heat here in Korea is just so miserable that it’s hard to work up the energy or enthusiasm to do much exploring. I’ve just been plodding through the month, teaching my students, trying to do my P90X3 workouts when my back or hip doesn’t go wonky, and keeping up with my practice club. Also, I’ve been revamping and updating our retirement spreadsheets. At some future point, I do plan to write about my approach to retirement planning. It feels like a million years ago that I took and passed the CFP exam, even though it’s only been five months! Continue reading “August Hodgepodge”

Fabulous Tapas

Yesterday, we went to Alma Restaurante in Hongdae, near Sangsu station. We had the place to ourselves, since it was late afternoon and before the dinner rush. We did notice two of the tables had “Reserved” signs on them, so if you want to go at a more normal time, you might want to make a reservation. The restaurant was small and very nicely decorated with blinds and shades painted with Spanish city names and pictures of Spain.

Continue reading “Fabulous Tapas”

Seryna Shinjuku Shabu Shabu Meal

Here it is, my final post from Tokyo! For our last night, I had booked us in at a restaurant with great reviews, Seryna Shinjuku, that was a short walk from our hotel. We  found the building that the restaurant was located in and eventually figured out where the elevator was – the restaurant is situated on the 52nd floor of the Sumitomo building. When we arrived, we were greeted and shown to a reserved table right by a window, with fabulous night views of the city. Continue reading “Seryna Shinjuku Shabu Shabu Meal”

A Museum, Restaurants, Macarons!

Once again, I’m playing catch-up with my blog, but I figure that’s a good thing – it means I’m busy living my life here.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art with a friend from book club. It’s a very cool museum in Itaewon, and can easily be seen in a couple of hours. My friend and I were well matched for museum browsing, something that can be hard to find. Sometimes you’re with someone who wants to go either much faster or much slower than you do. There are two permanent collections – one with traditional Korean art and one with modern art. There was a special exhibit as well of up-and-coming Korean artists, and we went to all three collections. We weren’t allowed to take photos in most of the rooms, but there are some cool features in the museum you can photograph. Continue reading “A Museum, Restaurants, Macarons!”

Two Fabulous Restaurants

For our anniversary last weekend, we finally visited a restaurant that has been on my list since I first read about it months ago, The Beastro in Hongdae. We were there on a Sunday night and had no problem getting a table. Our waiter was from South Africa and very attentive and knowledgable. The waiter brought us delicious biscuits with a side compote, and we started out with Moscow mules to drink, which were perfectly blended. If I remember correctly, they make their own ginger beer in house. Continue reading “Two Fabulous Restaurants”

A Few New Restaurants

We’ve tried a few new restaurants over the last week, so I thought I’d go ahead and lump them all into one post. First up, Jacoby’s Burgers in HBC. Jacoby’s makes ordering very easy, giving you a checklist to fill out for every aspect of your burger and sides as well. Domingos had the bruschetta burger. Yes, somewhere under that mound of bruschetta topping is a burger. Continue reading “A Few New Restaurants”