Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 8

15 October 2000
1515 hrs

I’m doing okay today.  It really could be worse here.  I’m glad I’ve been able to write fairly often, because it’s all a blur to me, and I can hardly remember anything we’ve done the day before.

I went to church this morning, and choir practice before that.  Church was a nice break.  I felt good by the end of the service, though I was trying not to cry in the middle.  No particular reason, I just felt so far from home, set down in an alien world.  I’m nervous about Victory Tower tomorrow.  We got issued all of our gear today: Kevlar (helmet), rucksack, poncho, etc.  Everything’s old and filthy.  We’re supposed to get everything squared away on our LCE, and no one is really sure how to do it. Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 8”

Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 7

13 October 2000
1050 hrs

It’s N***’s birthday today, the poor thing.  I’ll probably be crying on mine.  This sucks.  You can’t even scratch your face without getting into trouble for it.  Self-discipline.  I will be highly disciplined.  Or insane.  But I can do this.  Our first PT test is tomorrow.  I’m not looking forward to running 2 miles.  I’m in a class on environmentalism right now, and it is so boring.  Did I mention that squad leaders eat last?  So we have the least time to eat.  *sigh*  There’s a male in our platoon who’s from Landover who says he’s seen me shopping at our Safeway!  How weird!  My squad’s not too bad.  There are a few who already think I’m a bitch and one who seems to have a slight crush on me. Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 7”

Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 3

30 September 2000
0900 hrs

My dizziness is really bad today.  I can’t go on sick call because there is no sick call on the weekends.  I’ll go Monday if it’s not better.  This is so hard.  I just have to go through.  There’s nothing else to do – I can’t quit or drop out.  I will get through this.  I may be miserable, but I’ll get through.  I really can’t walk straight.  It’s not good.  It’s noticeable to other girls in my platoon.  I know it’s because I’m so tired.  I’ve been up since 0300 hrs because of fireguard.  I wish I could just sleep for 12 hours straight. Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 3”

Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 2

28 September 2000
1700 hrs

Each day here feels like a year, and I can’t remember anything from yesterday.  It’s an amazing feeling to be done with breakfast before the sun even considers coming up.  I look at my watch at 1000 hrs and am shocked that it’s not 1600 hrs.  We’re done with dinner at 1700 hrs.  There are girls practicing about face, left face, column right, etc. right now.  I should be too, but I’m feeling lazy.  Yesterday we stood a lot.  I was in misery.  I’ll be in constant pain for the next 2 ½ months, that’s a given.  It’s so hard for me to stand in line for hours.  Sometimes we’re waiting 2 to 3 hours for chow.  After breakfast chow yesterday, we got a TB test. Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 2”

Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 1

I know quite a few of my friends and family have read my basic training journal before, but for those of you who haven’t, I thought it would be fun to post a flashback entry every Friday.  

Anjali BCT Photo26 September 2000
0830 hrs

Well, I’ve survived my first day, not that there was much to it.  Sgt. B*** picked me up at my apartment at 0445 hrs.  He dropped me off at the Baltimore MEPS, and I went inside and sat in the cafeteria for a long time.  All the potential recruits who were there to take tests were called, and then the person in charge asked if any Army people were shipping out that day.  Four of us said we were, and we were sent to the front desk.   Continue reading “Flashback Fridays: Army Basic Training, Part 1”