Change of Command

Last Wednesday, Domingos took over command of the Eighth Army Band, “Freedom’s Ambassadors.” The previous commander, CW3 Joseph Parenteau, is retiring after an illustrious career, and he has been a huge help to us in our move to Korea. We’re lucky that he’ll be in the area a while longer to help ease the transition and serve as a valuable resource. I am thrilled to have my husband back at a band making music, especially one that has such a vital mission. With the dissolution of the 2ID Band, the 8th Army Band is solely responsible for American military music for all of Korea. I’m guessing I need to take some more pictures of my husband so that I can remember what he looks like once this job starts rolling for him! I think there will be a lot of long days, nights, and weekends, but it’s absolutely worth it for this opportunity. Continue reading “Change of Command”

Picking Up the Car

Yesterday was filled with a whole lot of waiting around. After breakfast, I headed over to the ACS building to take my USFK driver’s license test at 9:00. The test was fairly straightforward, though I kept looking for trick answers after my experience with the College for Financial Planning’s devious tests. I may have missed one or two questions, but overall it was fairly obvious. If you’re taking it, just make sure you read through the USFK pamphlet a few times, and take note of the differences between U.S. and Korean laws. A few key things: Continue reading “Picking Up the Car”

Traveling on the Patriot Express

View from the plane flying into Korea
View from the plane flying into Korea

We booked a hotel near the Seattle airport for Monday night. We were supposed to check in between 2:30 and 5:30am for the AMC (Air Mobility Command) flight, also known as the Patriot Express, so we decided to go at a slightly later time and deal with however long lines we had to. We got up at 3 and took the hotel shuttle to the airport at 4. By the time Domingos tracked down a cart, we basically walked through the very short line and were checked in immediately! I was definitely glad we had decided to go on the later side. We breezed through security (though I really missed TSA Precheck!), had some breakfast, and lounged around on quite comfortable chairs until the flight left.

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Mad Korea Prep

So I haven’t written anything about Korea since that first post, and I thought I would procrastinate organizing for the move by sharing an update now. Everything has been ticking along – I got command sponsorship, we got the orders, the move has been scheduled, and travel has been booked for the end of September. I don’t have much advice to give in any of those areas, as most of them are handled by the military member. Continue reading “Mad Korea Prep”

Military Library Links

Military members and their families can access free ebooks and audiobooks through the various digital libraries available to each service. As you can imagine, this is one of my favorite military resources! I happen to have an account with the Navy, Air Force, and Army libraries (all of which were freely offered to me as I tried to get an Army library account while my husband was working on a Navy base. Yay for joint bases!) For those of you not in the service and still reading this post, don’t despair – there’s a good chance your library participates in OverDrive. Check the site to see if your library system is included. My library here in Virginia Beach is on, and so is my mom’s in Indiana and my mother-in-law’s in Massachusetts. You can transfer books you’ve checked out on OverDrive onto your Kindle (not available for all books), tablet, or phone, and I think you can also read them in your browser. I use the OverDrive app on my iPad to do the majority of my reading – you’ll need a free Adobe ID in order to read any books in epub format.

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