Traveling on the Patriot Express

View from the plane flying into Korea
View from the plane flying into Korea

We booked a hotel near the Seattle airport for Monday night. We were supposed to check in between 2:30 and 5:30am for the AMC (Air Mobility Command) flight, also known as the Patriot Express, so we decided to go at a slightly later time and deal with however long lines we had to. We got up at 3 and took the hotel shuttle to the airport at 4. By the time Domingos tracked down a cart, we basically walked through the very short line and were checked in immediately! I was definitely glad we had decided to go on the later side. We breezed through security (though I really missed TSA Precheck!), had some breakfast, and lounged around on quite comfortable chairs until the flight left.

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Mad Korea Prep

So I haven’t written anything about Korea since that first post, and I thought I would procrastinate organizing for the move by sharing an update now. Everything has been ticking along – I got command sponsorship, we got the orders, the move has been scheduled, and travel has been booked for the end of September. I don’t have much advice to give in any of those areas, as most of them are handled by the military member. Continue reading “Mad Korea Prep”