April 2017 Reading Wrap-up

When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi: This slim memoir is written by a neurosurgeon who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in his 30s, while he was in his last year of residency. Although his love of literature and language shines through, I actually found the afterword by his wife to be the best writing in the book. That being said, this is still a moving and contemplative look at death from a man who was clearly both brilliant and a caring doctor. VGR Continue reading “April 2017 Reading Wrap-up”

March 2017 Reading Wrap-up

March was a great reading month! I thoroughly enjoyed almost every book I read.

The Dark Days Pact, by Alison Goodman: Even better than the first book in the trilogy! Goodman has infused these novels with so much historical accuracy (England in the early 19th century), and yet it never feels heavy-handed. Lady Helen is coming into her Reclaimer powers, learning to dress and act as a man, fighting her feelings for Lord Carlston, and still dealing with the Duke of Selburn’s attentions. Great detail, great characters, great action, and an ending that packed an incredible emotional punch. I need the next book! VGR Continue reading “March 2017 Reading Wrap-up”

February 2017 Reading Wrap-up

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Spin, by Robert Charles Wilson: This was an enjoyable sci-fi novel with fascinating science, a great premise, and excellent world-building. Intelligent beings have put the earth inside a type of bubble, making time pass on earth much more slowly than outside the planet. The main characters are twins Diane and Jason, and their childhood best friend Tyler, who is a little boring as the narrator. But the story rises above that and was a real page-turner. VGR Continue reading “February 2017 Reading Wrap-up”

2016: Very Good Reads

Of 200 books read in 2016, here are my VGRs:

Crooked Heart, by Lissa Evans: This was an excellent book set during WWII in London. Noel, aged 10, has been living with his godmother Mattie, a former suffragette with an unconventional lifestyle. When she dies, Noel is evacuated to the suburbs and is taken in by Vera, a woman in her mid-30s with a very messy life. Together, they come up with an unscrupulous scheme to get money and form an unlikely and lovely friendship. Continue reading “2016: Very Good Reads”

Military Library Links

Military members and their families can access free ebooks and audiobooks through the various digital libraries available to each service. As you can imagine, this is one of my favorite military resources! I happen to have an account with the Navy, Air Force, and Army libraries (all of which were freely offered to me as I tried to get an Army library account while my husband was working on a Navy base. Yay for joint bases!) For those of you not in the service and still reading this post, don’t despair – there’s a good chance your library participates in OverDrive. Check the site to see if your library system is included. My library here in Virginia Beach is on, and so is my mom’s in Indiana and my mother-in-law’s in Massachusetts. You can transfer books you’ve checked out on OverDrive onto your Kindle (not available for all books), tablet, or phone, and I think you can also read them in your browser. I use the OverDrive app on my iPad to do the majority of my reading – you’ll need a free Adobe ID in order to read any books in epub format.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.06.06 PM Continue reading “Military Library Links”