Catching Up the Last Month

I’ve been busy with this, that, and the other, which means my blogging has slowed way down, at least in part because I haven’t been getting out as much to new places and restaurants.

Here are a few favorite experiences from the last month.

  1. Stacked Dumpling Bar in Itaewon: Domingos and I love this place and have been there 3 or 4 times already! It’s great for a quick lunch close to home. IMG_1766 IMG_1768 IMG_1769
  2. Ganges Cafe: This Indian restaurant is quite a ways down the main Itaewon road, but it’s the best Indian I’ve had so far in Seoul and I already went back with a friend for lunch after discovering it first with Domingos. No pictures, sorry! If you walk straight down the main Itaewon drag away from the base, you will eventually reach it on your right.
  3. Brunch at the Libertine to belatedly celebrate my passing the CFP exam. I had an amazing Cobb salad and the drinks were excellent though quite small.IMG_1803
  4. I’ve been making homemade yogurt in my new Instant Pot. It’s so easy and tastes so much better than store-bought! IMG_1771
  5. I went back to another cat cafe with my friend Mevelyn and I think I liked it even better than the first one I went to.IMG_1809 IMG_1814 IMG_1819
  6. As usual, there are always funny signs here when translation goes a bit wrong. This one in Itaewon 2 is one of my new favorites. Finally, a gathering place for the boring people. IMG_1820
  7. I attended my first military ball, having played quite a few in my Strolling Strings days. This was actually a lot of fun, and the jazz combo from 8th Army Band sounded terrific.IMG_1851 IMG_1866
  8. I attended my first Korean wedding, a Catholic ceremony. It was a lovely wedding even though I didn’t understand anything that was said!
  9. I tried a coffee drink I’d never had before, an einspänner, and it was delicious. (Double shot of espresso with lots of whipped cream!)IMG_1882

All right, I think I’m mostly up to date now! We went to a Korean liquor tasting event, but I’ll write that up separately. My social life is really starting to heat up as I try to muzzle my inner introvert and make time with new friends. I’ve got lots of fun events and trips and lunch dates to look forward to in the next month, and I’ll try to be better at keeping up here!

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