Cake! (And Other Good Things)

I’ve been meaning to write a sort of “Miscellaneous Korea” post with various photos from the past month, so here I am, trying to have a productive Monday morning. A few weeks ago, Domingos and I walked all over Kyungridan on a Saturday night. This is one of the signs we saw that I enjoyed:

We ended up over in HBC for dinner at Hours, a Chinese (American style) restaurant that is delicious. 

These photos don’t do the food justice – the lighting plus my skills just weren’t up to the task, but I loved the plates. On the left is a sesame-honey chicken, and on the right is beef with broccoli – the best I’ve ever had. We liked it so much that we went back the next weekend and had it again, along with excellent crab rangoon and chicken fried rice.







I finally tried Nori Table, the sushi place up behind Gino’s. My shrimp tempura roll was very tasty. Again, I have got to get better at photographing food with my phone – I feel like almost all my pictures are blurry lately. Or maybe it’s just that I’m so eager to eat that I rush through the picture-taking. 

I know I promised cake in the title, and then you had to get past five other pictures to get to the cake. Here is the rainbow crepe cake from Billy Angel. It is so yummy! There’s a slight fruitiness to the crepes, and the cream filling is light and not too sweet. 

The Royal is an awesome little restaurant way up the HBC hill. By the time you get there, you feel like you’re halfway up N Seoul tower, but it’s definitely worth the climb. 

The restaurant has a sort of industrial vibe going on (I bet they saved a ton of money when remodeling!), but it is quite charming and the food was top-notch. I had a chai latte to start and then this steak and pasta salad. I will definitely be going back.

I finally made it to Mobssie in Hongdae to try their chocolate lava cake. It’s served in a cute little measuring cup and it is worth the indulgence. A little bit goes a long way; my friend and I shared the small size and still couldn’t quite finish.

Last but not least, Domingos and I tried yet another excellent coffee shop, Tailor Coffee in Hongdae. I include this photo mainly to show that I can still take pictures that are in focus.


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