Cafe Sanmotoonge

I’m so glad I made it to Cafe Sanmotoonge before leaving Seoul! On our last Sunday in town, we settled into our hotel room and then set out with our friends in search of this cafe located in the Buam-dong district. It took a train, a bus, and a bit of walking (uphill) to reach it, but don’t let that stop you from visiting. The entire area is completely charming with many great views in every direction.

The cafe itself became quite well known when a Korean drama, The Coffee Prince, was filmed there in 2007. All three floors of the cafe are crammed with quirky odds and ends, and be sure to go up to the second floor for outstanding views of northern Seoul. There is also an outdoor seating area on the first floor.

After partaking of a beverage at the cafe (overpriced and average, but you’re there for the view and ambiance, not the coffee), we wandered back down the hill and eventually found our way to a tasty nearby dumpling restaurant, Jaha Son Mandu.

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