I think about writing a lot.  I enjoy crafting entries in my head while I’m driving, for example, but then I get home and there are a million other things to do and it just never happens.  Plus, sometimes my life feels far too boring to write about.  I have kept some sort of diary or journal since middle school, though there have always been some periods of inactivity.  I tend to write more when I’m unhappy, and I’ve been so happy for the last four years that I’ve written very little, aside from trip journals.  But later in life, I don’t want to look back at my journals and only see unhappiness, so I prod myself to write when I’m happy, too.  There’s just never as much to say.

For many years, I kept an online diary at a diary site, one where only other members there could read what I wrote, and I was quite free in what I wrote about.  That site led to many friendships.  I think it was easy to make friends there, because you knew so much about each other that an intimacy was created that otherwise takes years, sometimes decades, to build.  And when I say friendships, I mean real-life friends.  People I’ve met multiple times in the real world, people I phone and Skype and visit.  In fact, I’ve got a 2-day trip to Boston in June to visit a friend from Australia who will be there for work.  I’m really excited about that visit, since we live so far apart we’ve only seen each other twice in the last decade.

This age we live in is such a gift.  I can have a friend in Australia, or India, or on the other side of the U.S., and I don’t have to rely on airmail letters to share my life with her.  We can video chat, share pictures online, send emails that arrive instantly…   The only hard thing for me is that none of those things can replace in-person contact and visiting, so when all my friends live so far away I don’t get very much of that, and I miss it.  It’s always been harder for me to make friends in person, and we move so much that sometimes it feels futile to try.

I’m playing with the Richmond Symphony this week, and though I’m not loving the drive, I do really enjoy playing with that group.  In an “it’s a small world” vein, I’m sitting with the woman who replaced me in the Army Strings.  She has now escaped, too.  All of the violas in our section are incredibly nice, and I know several of them from various places in my past, so it’s been a fun week.  Domingos is going along to the concert tonight, so I won’t have to drive alone.  It’s been a note-heavy two weeks; last week, I played Prokofiev Classical Symphony, Haydn London Symphony, and Mendelssohn Italian Symphony in Savannah, and this week we’re doing Tchaikovsky 5 in Richmond.  So my entire upper body is ready for a rest!  Tomorrow, Domingos and I are going to go to the Princess Anne Wine Classic, so the only work my upper body will be doing is lifting a wine glass to my lips.

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