Blind Alley Raccoon Cafe

On Friday, my friend Nopa and I went in search of the raccoon café I’ve been hearing about since I moved here. It’s actually fairly close to Yongsan, near Sookmyung Women’s University.


Unlike the cat cafés, where the cats roam freely throughout the shop, the two tame raccoons are kept in a separate room. The wall between the shop and the raccoon room is one giant window, so you can watch the raccoons while you’re eating and drinking – no food or outside bags are allowed in the raccoon room.

I had a good laugh when we bought our drinks and the cashier asked me if I was a student at the university. Considering that I graduated from my undergrad more than half my lifetime ago (1994), I was pretty flattered! They had a sign at the counter that was somewhat intimidating, but the raccoons weren’t at all aggressive while we were there.

Just say no!

We drank our drinks and watched people playing with the raccoons. Then we went back to the counter to buy some snacks for the raccoon, but the cashier just handed us snacks instead and didn’t make us pay for them. The café wasn’t very crowded, so we were the only ones in the room with the raccoons and were able to take lots of pictures. The darker raccoon was more interested in the snacks, and would grab them out of my hand with his cute little paw to bring them to his mouth faster. He also licked my hand to make sure he got every last bit of food. The light raccoon was only interested when the café worker gave us a second set of snacks – whatever was in that was clearly raccoon crack! They were both eating out of our hands at that point.

IMG_1898 IMG_1906 IMG_1907 IMG_1915 IMG_1923 IMG_1933

I will definitely be returning to Blind Alley, and I highly recommend it for an unusual outing in Seoul. To get to Blind Alley, take subway line 4 to Sookmyung Women’s University station and go out exit 10. Make a U-turn out of the exit and take the first right. You’ll pass through a tunnel and then keep walking for 5-10 minutes. Blind Alley will be on your right, soon after a tiramisu ice cream shop.

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