We decided to check out the show Bibap on Halloween night. It is billed as a non-verbal performance based on the Korean dish bibimbap. It’s very hard to describe, and it had some very, very weird moments, but basically it’s a mix of beatbox, singing, breakdancing, and fake cooking, with maximum comedic effort.


IMG_0058 IMG_0060

I love the description of “Red Chef” – butter tenor who sings a soothing “area”!

The audience was very international – big groups from Singapore, Hong Kong, and a lot of other nationalities. There was some audience participation where the actors dragged unsuspecting innocents up on stage to look embarrassed. My lucky husband was one of them! I have to confess I felt a little relief as he was pulled on stage that it meant it wouldn’t happen to me! Sometimes you just have to look out for yourself. And we got a cool coffee mug out of it.

Overall, it was very entertaining, but definitely odd. I really feel at a loss for words to describe it. There was a scene after the “sushi” cooking section where the stage was in darkness, and a blacklight was on and the actors ran across the stage using their hands to mimic fish – all you could see was their hands, and it was really well done. And delightfully strange.

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