Azalea Festival

Eighth Army Band’s brass ensemble, Spartan Brass, was playing at an Azalea Festival at the end of April, so we decided to go check out the flowers and take in an excellent free concert at the same time!. The main draw of the festival was an entire hillside covered in colorful azaleas.

There was a strange, loud puppet show going on when we arrived (I should have gotten a photo of the battle at sea with ships in flames):

Spartan Brass were terrific, as always.

This old man was grooving and dancing during the entire performance; he was an absolute delight!

And this man came up to Chris and started playing along on his snare! Chris was much more patient with him than I would have been. It’s fun to see the crowds get so into the performances.

The day was fairly hot, so we didn’t linger long after Spartan Brass finished up, just grabbed some food from a food truck and legged it back to the subway station. Like many festivals here, we saw almost no other Westerners; it can be daunting to try to get information about some of the festivals around Seoul if you don’t read or speak Korean.

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