Around Boston

Boston Public Garden

Boston is one of my favorite cities. There is so much to see and do there, and it’s a great city to just walk around in for hours. Between walking and public transportation, it’s very easy to get around without a car. When we visited last month, we walked a total of 34 miles in four days! Continue reading “Around Boston”

September 2017 Books

Young Jane Young, by Gabrielle Zevin: Zevin is a ridiculously talented writer. Her books are so varied, and they’re always interesting and well-written. I wasn’t wildly interested in Young Jane Young based on the synopsis – a young political intern has an affair with the much-older, married congressman she’s working for, a la Monica Lewinsky. And yet I couldn’t put the book down. Zevin tells the story in five distinct sections from different points of view – the intern’s mother, the intern herself (years later and having changed her name), the intern’s daughter as she discovers her mother’s past, the congressman’s wife (who stayed with him through the affair’s aftermath), and then, finally, the intern herself as she goes through the affair, in a unique choose-your-own-adventure section. Zevin’s insightful commentary on slut-shaming, feminism, and the challenges of being a woman are spot-on and never preachy, just an intrinsic part of the story she’s telling. VGR Continue reading “September 2017 Books”