It looks like we’ll be able to add on an overnight in Amsterdam on our way back from India this December.  I’m beyond excited to spend a day there with Domingos.  We decided to get a hotel right by the airport to make things easier the next morning.  I know we’ll be totally jet-lagged and zonked out that day, but it will still be so much fun to wander around the city.  We’ve got a flight from Delhi to Paris, 1:45a to 6:10a, then Paris to Amsterdam, 7:55a to 9:10a.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to check in early at our Amsterdam hotel (for a €19.95 charge), get a shower, leave our luggage, and hit the city to explore.  It will probably be way too cold for a canal tour, but Amsterdam is a great city for just walking around.  Unfortunately, it looks like the Van Gogh museum is going to be closed for renovations.  Also, the only time we can tour the Concertgebouw is 9:30a, so that’s not going to happen, either.

All I know is I have to find good bitterballen (basically deep-friend sausage gravy balls) for lunch.  That might be all I eat, though, so that I can save room for a full rijsttafel for dinner.  It always comes back to food for me!  Here’s a good description of rijsttafel from

Each rijsttafel is different, as the selection of dishes is up to the chef’s discretion. Most rijsttafels have between 12 and 25 dishes and come with white or fried rice (nasi putih or goreng), noodles (bami goreng), or a combination of these. Some favorite rijsttafel dishes are:

  • Gado gado – cooked vegetable salad slathered with a rich peanut sauce
  • Pisang goreng – tasty banana fritters
  • Sambal goreng tempeh – fried tempeh, or fermented soybean cake, in a dark, savory sauce
  • Sambal telur – hard-boiled eggs marinated in a peppery sauce
  • Sayur lodeh – mixed vegetables in a spicy coconut-milk sauce

In addition, there are often sides of atjar tjampoer (Indonesian mixed pickles to cool the palate),serundeng (grated coconut spiked with roasted peanuts), and other sauces and condiments to overwhelm the senses. And don’t miss spekkoek, the classic Indonesian spice cake, for dessert!


I don’t know if we’ll go to any other museums; I think we’ll probably just play it by ear depending on how we’re feeling.  The only reservation (besides our hotel) that I plan to make is for dinner.  The hotel we’re planing to stay in is the citizenM.


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